One-on-One Coaching Options

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It doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re new here, or want to read ALL the details about one-on-one coaching with me, click here. JUST BE SURE to come back to this page, this is where the discount is!

If you’re excited, serious about your growth, committed, and know you’d rather skip all that and just get moving on working toward your goals, then here you go –

Your Personal Strategy Session

You’ll get:

  • My no-holds-barred, honest opinion on your specific situation. If you’re not yet ready for the next level, I’ll tell you what to do to get ready.
  • An action plan for starting your side business or ramping up your current full- or part-time business.
  • Your high-level marketing and social media plan – which tactics to focus on and which to skip.
  • Feedback on your website and steps to make it stronger.
  • Solutions for managing your time and prioritizing.
  • Specific suggestions to power your list-building efforts.
  • The top 3 to 5 areas you should focus on to see the fastest growth in your business.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly what to expect over the next few months. Instead of just dreaming of taking your creative business to the next level, you’ll have a plan for doing just that.

Wondering how we’ll do all that in just an hour? Well, I have a pretty comprehensive questionnaire you’ll fill out beforehand. It will tell me where you are right now, and help you get clear on your priorities.

Your investment in a solid direction to take you through your next 3-6 months? $197.

One-on-one Strategy Session

The Serious Progress Package for Creatives (Plus Savings!)

The Serious Progress Package includes everything above, plus

  • Three additional 45-minute sessions of support to use in any way you like to help you implement! That means that we’ll work on, and ensure you actually complete, as many those tasks during our time together as we can.
  • Email support during the duration of our sessions, so you’ll never be tripped up or delayed because of small questions.
  • Accountability and support that help you get real results fast, not a plan you look at 6 months later and wish you had actually made happen.

We’ll meet at least once a month, and if you’re a fast mover we can meet sooner.

Your investment?  $397 for four 45-minute sessions.

Your savings? A full 33% when you commit to 4 sessions!

The Serious Progress Package

Why the big difference? Well, first off, I know it’s a little crazy. Don’t expect me to keep this rate forever.  😉

But the truth is – I’ve seen it over and over and over. The folks who commit just make better progress, faster. I want to help as many clients as I can – and it’s truly painful to me to watch people start out on fire only to fizzle out only a few weeks later.

I don’t want you to fizzle out – and I hope you don’t want that for yourself!

I don’t want to leave you with a plan and a hundred questions for how to implement it. I don’t want you to hit a technical glitch that slows you down for weeks or get stuck on a decision that keeps you from moving forward. I can help you get that stuff done so you can get on to doing work you love.

So if you’re ready to get started, now’s the time.

The Serious Progress Package

P.S. – Whatever you decide, I’m here to help – on the blog or in the Facebook group. And as always, I really appreciate you being here!

Photo credit sybrenstuvel FlickrCC