The Business Blueprint for Creative Types – How Artists Really Make Money (and How You Can Do the Same!)

Format – 4 weeks, on Google Hangout
Dates – November 13, November 20, December 4, and December 11, 2014
Time – 7 PM Eastern
Details – About 45 minutes of interactive presentation with time for questions at the end (as long as it takes to get to everyone)
Who’s the class for? – Writers, musicians, artists, designers, photographers, crafters, performers, or any creative who wants to either launch a business or grow a current one.


Each session will be recorded in case you miss a class


My promise – you’ll leave with all your questions on the course material answered, if not within the session then through email up to a week after class ends

I care about helping creatives of all kinds to make good livings doing what they love – and if you’re reading this, that means you! I created this class to make sure you start 2015 off with your confusion cleared, a plan in place, and the momentum you need to carry you through.

By the end of this course, you will
  • Know what activities to focus on for fastest progress
  • Have simple yet powerful tools to keep you motivated
  • Clearly understand why your work matters to your audience
  • Know exactly how to streamline and optimize your website (or create a great one)
  • Understand how to market your creative work (and not get bogged down in stuff that doesn’t matter)
  • Have a plan for increasing your income within the next 3-6 months

Here’s what we’ll be covering each week:

Week 1 – The Keys To Getting and Staying Focused and Motivated

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
  1. How to finally take control of your time and productivity
  2. How to stop feeling guilty for pursuing your passions (and still keep everyone in your life happy!)
  3. Simple yet powerful tools to eliminate overwhelm
  4. How to blast through your barriers to earning more
  5. The one thing you need to sail through the hardest, most discouraging times

Week 2 – How to build an excited fan base and strong marketing foundation

  1. The three most important pages your website must have to work for you 24/7
  2. How to create the perfect opt-in incentive and how to measure success
  3. How to avoid the most common copywriting fails that make people click away from your site
  4. How to create web content that blows your audience (and competition) away
  5. Eyeballs and exposure – What works to drive traffic and what doesn’t

Week 3 – Marketing and sales demystified for creative types

  1. Are you making the most of this surprising power of your email list?
  2. What’s worthwhile about social media and what’s a waste of time?
  3. No more yucky networking – why and how to build mutually beneficial relationships
  4. Overcoming your fears of connecting with influencers
  5. How to inspire action and sales without feeling sleazy

Week 4 – Building a Bank Account Worth Smiling About

  1. How to know you’re on the right track – measure your progress without pulling out your hair
  2. The truths about pricing that no one ever tells you
  3. The case for multiple income streams and which ones to consider
  4. Wrap up and Q&A

You’ll get the same guidance and recommendations my private clients receive, but with support and input from your peers.

Here’s what recent client Patience Reich had to say:

The thing for me was that I had so much to do and was feeling a bit overwhelmed (okay more than a bit). You helped me prioritize and have a solid plan for what to tackle first, next etc. You also recommended cost effective ways of getting some of my projects done… My stress level has gone down and more than anything, I feel that what I need to do can be done. “Overwhelm” is gone and I can focus. We got a lot done each time but I never felt like I was under the gun!

 What’s the investment?


Yep. That’s it. You’ll come away with a plan AND personal recommendations from me about your particular challenges.

The content I have planned in the first session alone will pay for the entire class many times over, but if you don’t agree you can ask for your money back after the first session and I’ll happily oblige. I want you to be thrilled with the value you get from this class, and if you’re not, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Want in? Great! Click here to reserve your spot and get ready for a new business in the new year.

Still have questions?  Email me at leanne [at] makecreativitypay [dot] com

P.S. – Nothing’s worse than wasted time. If this isn’t for you right now, no problem. But if you know you want to hit the ground running in 2015, then join us. You’ll thank yourself later.