How to Boost Your Email Signups with Irresistible Incentives

You’re trying to grow your email list.

You wish it was easier and more straightforward.

You know that having that having a solid, engaged list of fans is essential for writers, performers, crafters, and creatives of all kinds.

You’ve seen how excited, loyal fans will pull out their wallets and buy from you, and that the effort you invest in building your list opens doors to greater opportunities.

So you put out the signup sheet at your shows, display the business card fishbowl in your studio waiting room, and add the “sign up for my newsletter” box in your website sidebar.

But progress is slow – and you’re not sure why.

Are you doing something wrong? (Not exactly.) Do people just not like you? (Doubtful.) Or are you missing something important? (Most likely.) 😉

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