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Charity Sponsorships for Creatives with an AudienceMoney-Barry-Solow-FlickrCC

Want to earn additional income that piggybacks perfectly with your current performing, speaking, teaching, or blogging activities?

Who wouldn’t?  😉

If you appear in front of live or online audiences at least 25 times per year and have built your list to at least 500-800 people, there are charities who would love to speak with you!

It’s truly a win-win situation

  • You help make the world a better place by directly impacting lives.
  • You earn money to support your creative work.
  • The charities benefit from the bond and trust that you’ve built with your audience – artists are by far the best way charities can get the word out to people who care and reach their goals.

Sound good?

Then just click here to sign up.

You’ll get an email that asks you for some information about the work that you’re doing.

Make sure to respond to that email!

I’ll be in touch with you soon.

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