02 – How Photographer David Molnar Grew His List By 12K in 3 Months (with Tips for You) [Podcast]

Show Summary

Don’t miss this interview with photographer David Molnar who grew his opt-in email list by 12,000 subscribers in three months.david-molnar


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No matter what field you’re in, the lessons David outlines are applicable and can help you grow your list of followers – and clients – too.


David’s book, iPhone Only Photography

Show Highlights

1:32 Reasons to launch a blog and an online business
3:30 The progression and transition of a blog, cold lists
8:52 Getting to 1000 subscribers
12:18 First taste of explosive growth
16:30 How and why to treat your audience like royalty
19:30 The magic weapon for getting shares
21:25 Three keys for rapid list growing
25:00 Getting to 10,000 subscribers
27:40 The power of building relationships and investing in others
31:40 Three essential steps every artist can take to power your list growth
36:00 The power of listening
37:50 A word of caution
41:32 The ultimate goal
42:45 Charity work with Know Think Act
46:38 Final thoughts

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“Dreaming of One Day” (c) 2011, written and performed by Leanne Regalla

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  1. Emma Weise says:

    Thanks Leanne!
    This was just what I needed to hear… I’ve been putting off creating that ebook – but now I have a great guide on how to get it out there! Now to make sure it adds that value 😉

  2. I’m half way through the podcast and I had to pause and take notes. There is so much good stuff. This is GOLD. Thank you Leanne and David M.

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