01 – Welcome to the Make Creativity Pay Podcast

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Show Summary

In this first, short episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, you’ll hear why I’m so passionate about helping you to make good money from your writing, music, photography, art, or whatever craft you’re obsessed with.

You’ll learn about upcoming interviews with experts who have been where you are now and who want to help you achieve your dreams.

You’ll also find out how to submit a question live that I can answer on an upcoming show.

This is the first of three episodes I’ll be launching at once, so you don’t have to wait to get to the good stuff!

Coming up in MCP002 – How Photographer David Molnar Grew His List By 12K in 3 Months

and in MCP003 – How to Blast Through Major Challenges to Grow Your Creative Business with Jon Morrow

Music featured on the podcast

“Dreaming of One Day” (c) 2011, written and performed by Leanne Regalla

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About Leanne Regalla

Leanne is a writer and musician and the founder of Make Creativity Pay. She's on a mission to help creatives of all types to pursue their art without going broke, living in their cars, or starving to death.


  1. Leanne – Thank you so much for putting this podcast together. I appreciate your expertise and generosity in doing all you do. Looking forward to this series with great anticipation. I can’t wait to dig in.

  2. Hey Leanne,

    Great Podcast all the way.


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