About You and Me

You’re a creator and a visionary. 

You have big dreams of getting your work out into the world.

You might do other things for money, but if you had your way, you’d probably do much less tedious work and a lot more writing, composing, drawing, capturing photos, or making jewelry.

But the business side is overwhelming.

Overwhelmed by the business side of creative work? Photo credit - Peter Alfred Hess

Overwhelmed by the business side of creative work?
Photo credit – Peter Alfred Hess

  • Marketing is creepy and you don’t want to be that annoying sleazebag salesperson,
  • You’re not sure what to charge for your work and aren’t confident asking for what you really want,
  • You’re ashamed of your website and know you need to grow your mailing list,
  • You’re afraid you are just wasting time on social media with no results to show for it,
  • You really just wish someone would tell you where to focus your efforts for the biggest impact.

I understand. I think it’s wrong that so many artists struggle with the business side.

I founded Make Creativity Pay because I’m on a mission to keep you from going going broke, living in your car, or starving to death!

I’ll give you strategies for building solid income streams as well as tested techniques for marketing, social media, productivity, and prioritizing. I’ll help you get clear on your direction and stay focused on your most important work so you can finally start making the money you desire and living the life you deserve.



I’m Leanne Regalla.

I’ve been enamored with entrepreneurship ever since grad school. I planned to get my MBA in International Business, work in corporate America, and be a professor. I did all those things, but then I got distracted.

I started making a side income from my writing while I was still in school and working full-time. It was addicting. I dabbled in small business consulting and even owned an allergy-friendly bakery long before the “gluten-free, dairy-free” market exploded. (I was ahead of my time with that idea.)

Then I took up guitar and I never looked back. Soon I was teaching music in a studio that I owned and managed (that was over ten years ago now). I started writing songs, performing, and recording.

Next thing I knew, fellow artists were coming to me for business advice.

That was really strange to me, considering I started knowing nothing. I wasn’t naturally talented and my MBA was definitely not very helpful with generating cash. But I worked hard, found the best people to help, and I learned.

Have you ever tried to sing in public when you’re a horrible singer?

I can think of few things more humbling or demoralizing. 😉 Even the times I spent scrambling to meet payroll weren’t as bad as that!

But I persisted through the sucky parts and today I get loads of compliments on my voice. I’m now working on my second original CD. I’ve launched this blog.

And I’ve figured out how to make my business work for me.

You can apply the same creativity you use to make art to build ways to get paid for doing what you love!

I am intimately familiar with your struggles as an artist AND your dread of the business side.

  • I’ve felt the same butterflies in my stomach when suddenly you decided to be serious about the work that you never showed publicly, or shrugged off as a “hobby” when people asked you about it.
  • I know what it’s like to lie awake at night, with those doubts rolling over in your mind, wondering if you made a mistake and if you have what it takes.
  • I’ve made the same financial rationalizations; I know the arguments you have with yourself – or others – about money and supporting yourself and your family.
  • I’ve seen the befuddled looks of family and friends when you tell them that what you really want to do with your life doesn’t involve holding a “real job”.

But I also understand that you want to change your corner of the world with your work and build a better life for yourself and the ones you love. You’d like to inspire others, make them think a little differently, laugh a little more, or find the courage to pursue their own dreams. You’d finally like some recognition for the years you have spent perfecting your craft.

Whether you’d like a part-time sideline or to go full-out and full-time, you know you can’t do it on your own. You need that business guidance.

I can help.

I’m a strange and unique combination of a creative person who also has a really good head for business.

I find the business side of art to be as much fun – and equally as rewarding – as coming up with a great song lyric or story for a blog post.

I love the challenge of making good money doing what I love.

I’m also extremely down-to-earth and practical. While I want to inspire you, our work together won’t be all rainbows and unicorns. I’ll help you come up with a completely workable plan – starting wherever you are right now – and hold your feet to the fire to get it done.

I’m invested in your success. I won’t succeed unless you do.

You need a clear direction. You need to set your priorities and to minimize your risk.

I’m committed to helping you achieve your dreams – and I’ll give you practical advice and loads of real-world examples and success stories you can emulate.

Everyone starts at the same place. No matter where you are right now, you’re not alone in the challenges you face. Sign up below and I’ll email you every week or so with the answers and encouragement you need.

You can’t afford not to.

Just type in your email address, click the big red button, and you’ll hear from me soon.

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P.P.S. – Aside from my writing work and helping fellow creatives on my blog and podcast, I still write and play music.

You can listen to my already-released music here on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Youtube. I’m working on my second CD of original music. I’ve also just set up a Patreon page, where you can find all my newest songs, follow along on my creative journey, and learn the stories behind my sometimes wacky creations.  😉

I offer Skype lessons in guitar, ukulele, songwriting and live performance.

You can see my performance schedule and teaching activities here.me_dewdrop

Are you a performer or speaker?

I’m a certified instructor for Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method. I can help you

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