14 – Kathryn Goldman on Protecting Your Creative Work [podcast]

Show SummaryKathryn Miller Goldman Charm City Legal

Kathryn Goldman is an attorney with Charm City Legal. She specializes in Intellectual Property especially for online content. Kathryn represents creative professionals, including writers, artists, photographers and other businesses with an online presence. She talks with us about how – and when – to protect your creative work.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn

  • The three main reasons creatives contact an attorney
  • What it means to be in business as a creative
  • When you need to start protecting your work
  • Examples of infringement

[1:41] Kathryn’s credentials (or “why a lawyer would want to work with creatives”)

[3:31] Help! I need a lawyer – the three basic reasons creatives approach an attorney

[6:58] The one thing worse that having your work swiped

[9:11] The tipping point where you need to focus on protection

[12:43] Why your idea is not worth protecting (yet)

[13:17] The timeline for copyright registration of your work

[17:00] Graffiti artist versus Dress Designer = $150,000

[21:00] What you can do about getting ripped off online

[26:12] How music copyright is different from visual artists and writers

Transcript: MCP Podcast Episode 14 Kathryn Goldman

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