12 – Boost Your Income with Charity Sponsorships with Tom Jackson [Podcast]

Show Summary

TOM-JACKSON-2-artist-sponsorshipsIn this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Live Music Producer Tom Jackson. Tom works with mega-stars like Taylor Swift and Lacrae helping them prepare for touring. But his passion is helping creatives at all levels to make a great living (including bloggers, podcasters, performers, teachers, and more). He’ll be the first to tell you that putting those shows together is not nearly as important as changing both artists’ and disadvantaged women’s and children’s lives through charity sponsorship programs.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What charity sponsorship is
  • How charity sponsorship benefits creatives of all kinds
  • Exactly which creatives are eligible for charity sponsorship
  • Which charities Tom works with and why
  • Where the money goes
  • How to connect your audience with the needs in a meaningful way

[1:13] What could be better than working with Taylor Swift?

[3:26] How could charity sponsorship possibly benefit a blogger?

[6:44] The special ingredient you need to make $70,000 a year (it’s not what you think!)…

[9:05] How many gigs do you need to qualify for charity sponsorship?

[12:17] Seven ways to change someone’s life…

[18:16] When 80% is better than 100%?

[22:36] Why your favorite charity won’t work with you

[26:18] All I want for Christmas is… A rubber band??


Transcript: MCP Podcast Episode 12 Tom Jackson

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