11 – Passive Income and Online Sales for Creatives with Pat Flynn [Podcast]

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In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Pat Flynn, father and husband who supports his family with passive income from podcasts, blogs, and online businesses, about why creatives have the advantage when it comes to building their own businesses.


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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The two mindsets that will kill your success
  • How to get creative with math to earn six-figures
  • How you have the advantage as a creative in business
  • The truly powerful way to connect with your audience
  • Why NOT promoting your work is a selfish thing to do
  • The balance between privacy and building relationships
  • The secret of overnight success

[1:21] What are the barriers that hold you back from success?

[3:07] How many fans do you need to establish a six-figure income?

[5:19] Why you need to approach business differently than everybody else.

[7:50] The simple way to connect 1-on-1 with thousands of people

[12:10] Don’t you want to change someone’s life?

[14:31] Don’t worry about everybody, just worry about…

[16:13] What to do when you’re not getting the results you want

[19:11] How you can grow your business by being a crash-test dummy

[21:53] Why – and when – failure is an option

[24:07] How to live the life you want and still make money


Transcript: MCP Podcast Episode 11 Pat Flynn

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  1. Great advice and encouragement from Pat!

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