07 – Succeeding at Multiple Creative Passions with Bob Baker [Podcast]

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Do you have so many interests that it’s hard to decide what to work on next?

Do you struggle to get your work out consistently?

In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay podcast, prolific writer/musician/artist/comedian Bob Baker talks about deciding between multiple passions, finishing projects, learning to create on cue, and overcoming fear to get your work out to the world.


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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to know what to work on next
  • How to consistently get your work out
  • How to be authentic and still create work people want to buy
  • Powerful tools for prioritizing and managing your time
  • How to figure out what your fans and audience will respond to before investing a lot of time and money

[2:25] How to decide what to work on next when you have many interests.

[5:16] The problem with waiting for the muse to strike and learning to create on cue.

[6:35] What made Bob decide to become an entrepreneur.

[7:38] How creatives stay true to themselves and still sell their work.

[8:49] How you can get motivated, and stay motivated, and finishing creative projects.

[10:38] Tips to make sure your important creative projects get done.

[12:49] Your best weapon for overcoming fear or lack of confidence in launching a new project or piece of work.

[17:28] How to listen to your fans, customers, and clients and collecting feedback. How the pressure to sell can help you serve them better.

[21:31] How to avoid making dangerous assumptions about what people like or will want to buy.

[23:13] Ways artists can test their audiences’ reaction to new work and the importance of baby steps.

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“Dreaming of One Day” (c) 2011, written and performed by Leanne Regalla

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