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13 – Pursuing an Unlikely Dream with Hannah Fraser, Professional Mermaid [Podcast]



Show Summary

In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Hannah Fraser – underwater mermaid, performance artist, ocean activist, and inspiration to creative types everywhere.

As a little girl, Hannah Fraser was desperate to meet a real, live mermaid. She found out that mermaids didn’t exist – but as fate would have it, she became one herself. In this episode, Hannah explains that living out your fantasy isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be – or is it?

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12 – Boost Your Income with Charity Sponsorships with Tom Jackson [Podcast]


Show Summary

TOM-JACKSON-2-artist-sponsorshipsIn this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Live Music Producer Tom Jackson. Tom works with mega-stars like Taylor Swift and Lacrae helping them prepare for touring. But his passion is helping creatives at all levels to make a great living (including bloggers, podcasters, performers, teachers, and more). He’ll be the first to tell you that putting those shows together is not nearly as important as changing both artists’ and disadvantaged women’s and children’s lives through charity sponsorship programs.

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11 – Passive Income and Online Sales for Creatives with Pat Flynn [Podcast]


Show Summary In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Pat Flynn, father and husband who supports his family with passive income from podcasts, blogs, and online businesses, about why creatives have the advantage when it comes to building their own businesses.   Subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes, […]

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12 Ways to Avoid Being Lied To, Cheated, and Taken Advantage of For Creatives


Has someone ever promised you money or opportunities that never came through? Has anyone ever talked up your talent and potential only to let you down? Have you invested good money into a business venture, program, contest, or any number of schemes only to wind up holding an empty bag? If you answered yes to […]

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10 – What To Do When You Have Scattered Creative Interests with Pam Slim [Podcast]


Show Summary In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay Podcast, I talk to Pam Slim, author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation, about how creatives with varied (even scattered) interests can pull them all together into a cohesive whole and finally feel good about who they are and what they do. Subscribe […]

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How to Get People Pounding Down Your Door to Buy Your Creative Work


[Read to the end of this post to learn how you can take advantage of my best coaching offer ever…] How would you like to find your band of loyal followers? You know, those people who will love your writing, art, music, or other creative work so much that they’re the first to buy whenever […]

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